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Pointers for Buying Quality Ladies Watches

There are so many ladies watches out there that it can be pretty complicated picking out just the right watch. In today's market there is more than just finding a reliable watch maker. There are so many different features now that also need to be considered and all of this can factor into what decision one makes. It is important that you learn to identify and to select from these features in order to know which watch is going to be your best investment.

When it comes to ladies watches or any watch for that matter you want to pick one that has quality timekeeping movement. The most popular would be quartz and mechanical. Both of these timekeeping methods are very trusted. If you are leaning toward the mechanical movement watches then expect to pay quite a bit more than quartz movement. The reason is that they have much smoother timekeeping and they are more long lasting. However, both types of movement indicate a quality watch. If the watch is intended to be a long term investment you want to go with mechanical if it's more for fashion go with quartz.

It is important to look carefully at the materials the watch casing is made out of. The more obvious high quality construction of course would be ladies watches made from gold, silver and platinum, however, don't overlook stainless steel or even the plastic or resin casings. Even these can be of high quality. If you are looking for a watch meant for lifelong wear then you will want to go with a fine metal but, if it is for fashion or sport then you can choose one of the more durable materials like resin or plastic and still get a quality watch.

Make sure that you know what the crystal composition is of the watch face. In lower quality ladies watches the face of the watch may be made of plastic instead of a crystal or glassy cover. The ones made from plastic will scratch and damage a lot easier than crystal or glass coverings. Those with the better face coverings are going to be a lot more expensive but overall the watch will be of much higher quality.

If you are considering to have the watch for a long time then you might want to pick a bracelet type of watch and also consider choosing precious metals for the band along with stones such as diamonds. This will increase the value and quality and makes for a good investment. For something you don't think you will have for a long time then make sure the watch is more simple, even if you want stones in it, make sure they are less expensive stones.

Finally, make sure that you read about all the features of any watch you may be interested in. A good quality watch is going to list all of its specs which would include whether it is water and weather resistant along with other features like having a chronograph or a chronometer, the exchange policy, company guarantees and the how to maintain the watch.

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Some of the Best Swiss Watches

When you are on the market for a watch, you will more than likely discover just how many different brands there are to choose from. This can end up making looking for a watch kind of a difficult thing to do. However, if you are in the market for spending some money on a watch and making it an investment then you can't go wrong with Swiss watches because they tend to be a cut above the competition. Their history as well as the precision that goes into creating these watches has been known for a long time. They are of exceptional quality and there are many brands to chooses from.

One brand for Swiss watches would be Audemars Piguet. Piguet has been known as one of the top brands since 1875 when they first started making watches. The creators of the company Jules Audemars and Edward Piguet were old school buddies and both had a huge interest in watchmaking. They started their company with a goal of making the best watches in the world to sell to the general public. The company today is still run by both of the families of these two men. The time that is put into making these Swiss watches and the precision is incredible and they are all to this day handcrafted and are of top quality and extremely durable.

A company older than Audemars Piguet is Patek Philippe and they started making Swiss watches back in 1839. Adrien Philippe was one of the first watchmakers to actually offer watches that had a stem to twist in order to set both the time and the date. He later merged his company with a Polish businessman by the name of Antoni Paek and with the Polish watchmaker Franciszek Czapek who helped him design and create one of the best Swiss brands that can be found. Patek Philippe is another family owned company and they are creative with their designs and they have kept up with technology with their watches. This brand is extremely expensive but their watch creations are worth every penny.

Everyone knows the name Rolex, almost synomous with the rich and famous it seems. This is a brand of Swiss watches that began back in 1908 by Hans Wilsdof and Alfred Davis. This is the brand of watch that seems to appeal to those people who prefer quality over all else and don't even worry about the price of the watch. The hands of the Rolex, which are of tickless movement is one of the features prized by all Rolex enthusiasts. You will still find this feature in the newest of watches the Rolex Submariner 50th Anniversary Watch. This is a waterproof watch that can handle the pressure and the water to 1,000 feet and it is powered by automatic movement.

Breitling is a Swiss watchmaker that started in 1884 when it's founder Leon Breitling started providing chronographs for different industrial companies. Then his so, Gaston took over the business and he started the very first independent chronograph push piece in 1923. The son of Gaston, Willy then moved to the front of the company in 1932 and he signed a big deal that made his company the official watchmakers for the Royal Air Force. Then in 1969 the brand went and pioneered the self winding chronograph technology and that is what changed the entire face of Swiss watchmaking and for the better. The watches are sophisticated and all have state of the art technology and they are a wonderful choice for anyone who is looking to buy a good Swiss made watch that is affordable as compared to Rolex.

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How to Start Your Own Watch Repair Shop

Watch making and watch repair is not a skill that everyone is right for or born to do. It is actually something that only a few people have mastered and participate in. However, it can be a very profitable venture if you have repair skills and the knowledge and seriously want to set up your own watch shop that does repairs.

Probably the first and foremost important thing when it comes to setting up your own watch shop is if you love watches but don't know how to repair them, learn how to do so. There are a variety of different ways in which you can learn to repair and master the skill of watch repair. Probably the best way is to gain the knowledge through experience and osmosis. You should find a good watchmaker who has mastered this art and see if you can become their apprentice. Another way is to get a job as a a clock and watch repair shop and learn the repair skills on the job. However, you need to understand this kind of work takes a lot of dedication as well as patience in order to become really good at it. You can also supplement your education by taking repair courses and going to different seminars. Also consider buying a how to book on watch repair.

Once you have gained the skills you need to open up your own watch shop for repairs you will need to make sure that you have all the right tools. The basic tool box for watch repair should include items such as several different screwdrivers, oils, lighting, different sized tweezers and a magnification tool. Then once you start your business and it starts growing you might want to then add such things as a polisher, cleaning machine and a caliper.

When considering such a venture as watch repair you need to understand that learning how to repair watches of all kinds can be a lifelong obligation. You have to knowledgeable of all the different models there are and knowledgeable of the different watches from different time periods and all the different technologies that control the older watches to the newest. Because of all the knowledge that is needed to repair watches, often the prices for watch repair is quite high. However, when you are first starting out it might be difficult for you to find your own price range to charge so it might be a good idea to check out what prices are being charged by others who offer repair services for watches. Compare several different ones in order for you to determine your own price range.

Once you feel fully ready to open up your own watch shop you will need to get a license to operate your business and file for a registration name for the business. Then you will need to find a good location, one that is visible. Check out malls, busy streets or spaces that are near big establishments. Often by picking the right place will make or break your business.

Finally you will need to get the word out about your new business. So make sure you have plenty of business cards ready to hand out to everyone you meet, advertise online, in the newspapers, hand out fliers and last but not least, once you are ready to open organize a fun grand opening day to get the attention of potential customers.

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Some Great Watches for Men That Are Under $200

If you are in the market for a good watch for the man in your life and you are also on somewhat of a budget then here are a few great watches for men that are actually under $200. Yes, you can really find some nice stylish watches for him that are of good quality and won't have you breaking the bank getting one of them for him.

1. Urban Outfitters Field Watch – You can't beat this one for the price at only $40 nor can you beat the somewhat military meets the preppy mash up. It is a really nicely done update to their more traditional field style watch. You will find that Urban Outfitters is really a great place to purchase very nice and affordable watches for men.

2. Bulova Men's Essential Strap – This is a really nice dress watch and at a really nice price when it comes to dress watches for men at a not too steep of a price at $150. It has a nice sleek and minimal design but at the same time is quite elegant. This is a great choice if the man in your life already has a much sportier type of watch.

3. Casio Neon Core Digital – OK, this is one for fun. It's a great throwback type of watch that has a great “pop color”. The band on it is rubberized and very durable and is a great option for the man who wants run off the street to the gym and doesn't want to have to worry about what kind of a watch he has on his wrist. You can pick this nifty little watch up for just $30.

4. Seiko Black Dial – Title says it, it has a really nice sleek black dial and this watch can be both sporty and dressy. It does a wonderful job of crossing over to either territory of watch with it's black face making it modern as well as having a very traditional shape. You can find this watch selling for around $165.

5. Swatch Cobalt Rebel – This Cobalt color seems to be a hot accent color from Swatch and for a mans watch the thing truly has personality. It is a nice slim style of watch and has a great clean face that is simple yet dressy with its white hands and silver second hand. You can find this watch for as low as $70.

6. Citizen Eco-Drive Strap – This particular watch actually looks elegant enough to cost you around $1000 but only comes it at just $150. This is a tank style watch that has a very elegant gold face that compliments the nice rich brown strap. This one is good for both the office as well as non-office hours.

7. Nixon The Time Teller P – This has an exceptional design with its blacked out option. It is extremely sleek, simple and comes with no gimmicks at all. It's just a watch, the way many men like them. It has a modern design that has a very durable polycarbonate construction and it is definitely the kind of watch that will catch a few eyes. You will also love the price at just $60.

8. Pulsar Gold-Tone Dress Watch – If your man needs a nice dress watch and you can't afford thousands of dollars for one, you like this one with the price tag of just $125. A lot of the gold watches out there can kind of creep off into “Vegas Territory” but not this one. It has a nice light gold color. It has been dressed up just enough to give it a little subtle swagger.

9. Timex for J. Crew Vintage Field Army Watch – This is a great one for those who are commitment-phobes. It is a military type field watch that lets the wearer change the straps whenever they want. It comes with multiple fabric and color options to suit your man's every mood. You can pick this fun watch up for just $150. Additional straps will however cost $20.

10. Boss Black Round Leather Strap – One of the more expensive ones on the list sells for $195. It is however a very nice and simple watch that is quite solid with a steel case, a black numberless dial and it has a nice black leather strap that is nice and dressy without being overly done.

Out of these ten there should be something that you can find that will please the man in your life.

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Great Watches for Women Who Can Afford Them

Last year, was a great year for women's watches. The different watch makers came up with interesting designs and even interesting materials being used in their watch designs. Not only did they use enamels and gems but they also went as far as including things from straw to feathers in their designs. Here are a few of the watches that caught the eye of many women last year.

The Rendez-Vous Tourbillon Wild is by Jaeger-LeCoultre and is a limited edition of just 100 pieces. This has a bold and modern Art Deco design and has a fan like pattern that comes from a spinning tourbillon that has sections of snow set diamonds with mother of pearl and some beautiful blue feathers. (Price available upon request only)

Berries Jumping Hours Retrograde Minutes by Bulgari is a watch design that pairs unusual jumping hours with its retrograde minutes and is done is a very feminine style. It has an engraved mother of pearl dial and has a pretty swirl of diamonds, emeralds, sapphires, rubies, amethysts and tourmalines that is a showcase of beauty. This particular watch sells for $18,200.

The Royal Ruby Tourbillon by Ulysse Nardin has an intricate dial with the main plate having bridges cut from rubies and sapphire making the cage look like it is floating in mid-air. The watch was done in platinum with rubies as the hour markers and includes 92 beautiful diamonds on the bezel as well as the lugs. This lovely watch goes for $300,000.

Chanel came up with one of their own timepieces called the Mademoiselle Prive Camelia Brode. This is a wonderful fusion of great fashion and horology having a beautiful hand embroidered fabric for a dial. This beautiful handcrafted watch goes for $95,370.

Girard-Perregaux took its Cat's Eye Jewelry white gold design and transformed it into a beautiful timepiece that has 1,000 snow set diamonds. It has a luminous mother of pearl dial that is engraved with a unique bubble design. This beautiful watch sells for $292,500.

The Metiers d'Art Florilege by Constantin recreates three 1799 botanical drawings from “The Temple of Flora” on the dial and it has flawless enameling and guilloche engraving with gorgeous gem settings. This lovely little piece sells for $187,449.

Recital 9 Miss Alexxandra Tourbillon by Bovet is a beautiful airy skeleton like piece of technology with a seven day power reserve and a beautiful engraved moon phase for the woman who loves horological items. This interesting watch sells for $168,000.

Le Temps Suspendu by Hermes has the theme of stopping time. The unique watch lets you push a button at 9 o'clock and it instantly snaps the hands into a frozen position on each side of the number 12 and then when you are ready to rejoin the world you just push the button again so that the clock displays the correct time. For more even more whimsy the seconds run counter clockwise. This interesting fantasy watch is set in an 18 karat rose gold with 62 diamonds. This neat fantasy watch sells for $41,500.

For those women who can afford such luxury, these are just a few of the more interesting and lovely designs that hit the market last year and took a different approach to watches for women.

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